Run Multiple Slack clients at once on your Mac

This doesn’t work anymore. It just redirects back to the original again. Crap.

Slack’s interface is great for minimalists or people who have 3 channels to keep track of. When you have 200+ channels and dozens of DM’s to keep track of, it’s horrendous! You can get Slack open in a browser, but multiple tabs tend to collapse back into whatever you touched last. You can start opening in-cognito windows but that’s a hassle and doesn’t work beyond 2 anyway. Why don’t they just allow tabs or multiple windows at once? Outlook hasn’t gotten it right yet, so why should Slack.

In the meantime, here’s how:

Open Finder

Find Slack

Right click, Copy

Right click in a blank spot, Paste

Rename it to “Slack 2” or whatever

Lather rinse repeat, I have 4 available

Run that app, the Mac has to treat it as a separate app, but it knows how to get connected so you can have multiples open at once!

Notifications will drive you nuts! Be warned. Other than that, it’s a memory hog, but what else is new.