Run Multiple Slack clients at once on your Mac

Slack’s interface is great for minimalists or people who have 3 channels to keep track of. When you have 200+ channels and dozens of DM’s to keep track of, it’s horrendous! You can get Slack open in a browser, but multiple tabs tend to collapse back into whatever you touched last. You can start opening in-cognito windows but that’s a hassle and doesn’t work beyond 2 anyway. Why don’t they just allow tabs or multiple windows at once? Outlook hasn’t gotten it right yet, so why should Slack.

In the meantime, here’s how:

Open Finder

Find Slack

Right click, Copy

Right click in a blank spot, Paste

Rename it to “Slack 2” or whatever

Lather rinse repeat, I have 4 available

Run that app, the Mac has to treat it as a separate app, but it knows how to get connected so you can have multiples open at once!

Notifications will drive you nuts! Be warned. Other than that, it’s a memory hog, but what else is new.