Redhat Enterprise Linux – For Free!

Starting at the beginning of February 2021, Redhat developer accounts (free) can install up to 16 Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) servers, physical, virtual or hypervisors in any combination.

Log into, make a new account if needed, by default, this is what you get. No muss, no fuss.

16 Servers, I need 1, maybe 2 physicals and a virtual or two. Cool.

Download RHEL 8 install iso:

Install as usual, no trick there. Use Ventoy on USB for the easiest install.

Once it’s up, run:
subscription-manager register
Give it your login and password when prompted.

subscription-manager attach
(This can take a minute)

yum update
yum should work and you’re on the production repo now!


Redhat management links:



Systems using this license (i.e. how many have I used):

You can remove a system if it’s no longer in service and get the license back:

You can use RHEL now in place of where you used CentOS in the past, and the migration path to full blown RHEL is a phone call to buy the license. If you don’t need the support/license, then you need do nothing else. No one will call. They won’t hassle you to buy anything ever.

This lets you run RHEL like the big boys for free and it’s completely legit!