Cloud Engineer Resume

This may or may not sum up the resume’s we get nowadays:

Flobert Unpronouncable

“Computer engineer with a general-wide focus on cloud computing technologies; specifically, on virtualization, networking, storage, security, automation,

infrastructure as code, private and public cloud offerings. Directly and indirectly involved on the design, implementation, and support of virtual infrastructure

platforms for internal, external and virtual clients, aimed generally at different entities accounting for high-availability, disaster recovery, and scalability. Currently

working on a variety of internal/external/virtual learning and development initiatives by planning and supporting diverse training events for new and existing cloud

engineering practitioners on areas of interest like networking, security, cloud migration, virtualization, containerization, automation, and public cloud


  • buzzword

  • fragment

  • Place I worked at for a week in the 80’s

  • recipe for salsa

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  • incomplete senten

  • tuned carb on ’67 Impala

  • Atention to detial!

  • Punctuation( ,optional( @misused]}

  • Place I was fired from the day I started

  • Angular!

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  • Something that happened within 30 feet of me and I’m claiming credit

  • 22 Years experience with AWS!

  • Windows 9 Experience

  • Buzzword buzzword buzzword buzzword

  • Lenox certiffied

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