Splitting big mp3’s into smaller pieces:

Splitting big mp3’s into smaller pieces:

mp3splt -a -t 15.1 -o Saint\ Death\ -\ Mark\ Dawson-@n -d Saint\ Death\ -\ Mark\ Dawson Saint\ Death\ -\ Mark\ Dawson.mp3

mp3splt -a -t 5.10 -o Lesson_01-@n -d Lesson_01 Lesson_01.mp3

The -a tells mp3splt to auto-adjust the split point with silence detection.

The -t 5.10 tells it to make the files 5 minutes and 10 seconds long since the file is a little over 30 minutes long. (This length may vary a bit due to the -a option).

The -o Lesson_01-@n tells it to name the files as Lesson_01 followed by a track number.

The -d Lesson_01 tells it to put the files in a directory called Lesson_01.

last is input file.mp3

So: mp3splt -a -t 5.10 -o outputfilename-@n -d OutputDirectory InputFilename.mp3

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