git 2.19.1 upgrade

This should get handled as part of normal patching, but RHEL ships with a 1.8.x branch of Git. We aren’t cloning from public repos for most things, but I can’t be 100% about it, and workstations are probably vulnerable as well. We should all update our workstations, but it doesn’t appear to be that simple for Linux servers:


(2.19.1 is the version to upgrade to.)


Mac: brew upgrade git didn’t seem to update the cli git, still on, have to download and install from




Linux: Looks like git does not have an rpm for a 2.x, it’s a clone and compile, which makes long term sustainability a pain.

CVE says version 2.18 is the oldest affected version, and the newest available from the yum repos is says to download and compile.


This works:


# update git to 2.19.1

git –version

which git

cp /usr/bin/git /usr/bin/git-

yum -y install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel

yum -y install gcc perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker

cd /usr/src


tar xzf git-2.19.1.tar.gz

cd git-2.19.1

make prefix=/usr/local/git all

make prefix=/usr/local/git install

rm -f /bin/git

ln -s /usr/local/git/bin/git /bin/git

git –version


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